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Body By Branch

"Building Twigs and Sculpting Rigs"

Online Personal Training


Hi, my name is Mike Mayhew, or more commonly known as Branch.
Having been a professional sportsman for over 10 years, I've had the luxury of accessing and learning from world class athletes, trainers and nutritionists. I've had an interest in training since I was a young buck and this developed into general health and wellbeing as I matured. My dad – former doctor for the All Blacks rugby team - inspired me to start training and I've never stopped since.
The passion for training runs through my family; with my two brothers - also professional rugby players - plying their trade on both sides of the hemisphere. As you can imagine, the competition between 3 brothers was intense and increased our performance along with creating an enjoyable environment to learn. Unfortunately, my eldest brother Richard, never managed to improve his twigs - but there’s still time!
My own personal experience with training has provided me with the knowledge to understand what works well, and what to avoid. Whether you want to lose a few pounds, build muscle or maintain overall health and wellbeing; I'm here to help. ​
I am a qualified personal trainer and CIMSPA accredited, but I am not your generic online trainer. I will work with you step by step to improve your training capacity and develop bespoke workouts, which will get you the results you desire.
​If you think yourself or someone you know could benefit, please get in touch.


Personalised Training Programs

Whether you are looking for fresh and effective gym workouts, or home based body weight training, each work out plan is personalised to the individual. This will begin with an initial call/email to establish your goals and current fitness levels. I will then personally write up a plan, that is suited to you and your lifestyle. You will have access to me via email/skype/phone for consistent guidance and advice relating to your program and nutrition.

Bespoke Group Session Plans

As above, I will create tailored workouts that are suitable for everyone involved.

Nutrition and Supplement advice

I can offer nutrition advice and guidance around supplements, in order for you to get the best results possible, whatever your goal.




"Having Branchie as a trainer has enabled me to keep in shape all year round. He is extremely upbeat and has the ability to constantly make small changes in my workouts to continuously maximise my progress. Whether I am away with work and need a bodyweight circuit or at my gym, he will make sure I get a good session in. He understands that I want strength gains and to keep lean, without putting on too much muscle mass. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending him."

- Antonia Tod, Model

“I can’t recommend Body By Branch enough. His knowledge to fitness, nutrition and most importantly motivating me on my bespoke workout plan, has been brilliant. I highly recommend him!”

- Warren Fury, Former International Rugby Player







  • 1 week online coaching - £39

  • 1 month online coaching - £69

  • 3 month online coaching - £180 (£60 a month)

Online coaching includes 24/7 access to call/message me, flexibility to change workouts, diet and supplement advice.


1:1 Personal Training:

  • 1 session - £40/hour

  • 2 sessions per week - £35/hour

  • 3 sessions per week - £30/hour

  • 'THE WORKS' - £300/month (16 sessions per month)

This includes full support, diet and supplement advice and check ins throughout.


Group Sessions are available, please contact me to discuss further.