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My name is Mike Mayhew, or more commonly known as Branch.

​Having been a professional sportsman for over 10 years, I've had the luxury of accessing and learning from world class athletes, trainers and nutritionists. I've had an interest in training since I was a young buck and this developed into general health and wellbeing as I matured.

My dad – former doctor for the All Blacks rugby team - inspired me to start training and I've never stopped since. ​The passion for training runs through my family; with my two brothers - also professional rugby players - plying their trade on either side of the hemisphere. As you can imagine, the competition between 3 brothers was intense and increased our performance along with creating an enjoyable environment to learn. Unfortunately, my eldest brother Richard, never managed to improve his twigs - but there’s still time!

My own personal experience with training has provided me with the knowledge to understand what works well, and what to avoid. Whether you want to lose a few pounds, build muscle or maintain overall health and wellbeing; I'm here to help. ​

​I am a qualified personal trainer and CIMSPA accredited, but I am not your generic trainer. I will work with you step by step (online or in person) to improve your training capacity and develop bespoke workouts, which will get you the results you desire.

​​If you think yourself or someone you know could benefit, please get in touch.